Here at the DIAMOND H RANCH, we use two different breeds of cattle that we feel are a great compliment to one another. Red Angus and Simmental breeds have allowed us to work with and create high quality genetics so that we may ultimately provide you with the best cattle that we can.

Why Use Red Angus?
In comparison to other breeds, Red Angus uses Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) that are completely unbiased. Red Angus was the first breed to develop performance testing and the first to require Total Herd Reporting (THR). The use of THR ensures that every cow registered shows an annual production report and the performance of every calf raised through weaning. This means that EPDs are calculated from complete contemporary groups, not excluding calves unworthy of registration, cows that were open, or cows that lost calves. THR allows for the most accurate comprehensive EPDs to be used for selection. In addition, Red Angus develops EPDs directed towards Economically Relevant Traits (ERT). What does this mean? ERTs are traits that directly affect a producer’s pocket book. The development of EPDs in this system increases effective usage by producers, which enables them tomake more accurate decisions when incorporating genetics into their breeding program.

Why Use Hybrid Bulls?

With the use of hybrid bulls, a producer can take advantage of two very powerful genetic tools—breed complementarity and heterosis. Combining the strengths and limiting the weaknesses of two breeds is an important philosophy of our breeding program. Research performed by the Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, NE concluded that, on over 5,000 calf records, heterosis increased production per cow 20% to 25% and increased longevity by nearly 2 years. In addition, the study showed a positive effect on reproduction of 5% and a calf vigor of 4%, thereforereducing the break-even cost of production by 10%.


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